Peacetime at School:


Peacetime is a 25-30 minute curriculum module designed for K-8th grade students to foster the beginnings of mindfulness training in a fun and engaging manner geared toward the interests of these age groups.Mindfulness training in children has been consistently demonstrated to improve skill development in several physical and emotional realms, including:

  • Attention and focusing

  • Emotion Regulation and Impulse Control

  • Development of empathy and community mindedness 

Each module includes 4-5 minute segments of attention training and mind-body regulation activities. Each class includes:

  •     Singing bowl and increasing amounts of mindful listening

  •     Mindful movement

  •     Daily topic and activity   

  •      Friendly Wishes(Based on an adaptation of Sharon Salzberg’s Loving Kindness meditation practices)

  •     Closing the practice and then journal time 

Sample Daily topics:  (Taught via storytelling, reading books or poetry, short animated films, drawing activities or role play)

  • Mindful Listening (Singing bowl,  tolerating distraction)       

  • Mindful Movement(Walking and bits of yoga stretching)     

  • Mindful Eating (The raisin)

  • The Brain on Mindfulness (Upstairs and downstairs brain)

  • Feeling Feelings (Flipping our lids)               

  • Managing and Accepting Feelings (Safe place visualization,    

  • Motivation vs. “I Don't Care”           

  • Compassion and planting seeds of kindness      

  • Self-Compassion and Kindness

 Peacetime modules are individually designed depending on the needs of the classroom and provide options for ways to continue the practice as a daily ”drop-in” or continued topic in the classroom. 


Martin Luther King Day Meditation (2014)

Elana Goodridge Photography

Sample Peacetime books we read:

Moody Cow Meditates
By Kerry Lee MacLean